JULY 12, 2017
: Launch a Brand New Website
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Special Service from Viewzen

More than 40 Years of Tradition

It has been 40 years since 1978 when Viewzen started to operate its workshop (formerly, Seong Shin-dang) in Jongno, Seoul, Korea. With 17 years of experience in North America along with serving customers in downtown area for over 10 years, Viewzen is committed to offer uniquely differentiated products for all occasions, including one-of-kind handcrafted jewelry.

We love working with you to create custom pieces. Whether it is engagement ring or personal inspiration, our award winning designer will present the design through 3D visualization before the pieces are brought to life.

At Viewzen, we specialize in not only customized designs for your special occasions, but also carry a collection of thoughtfully selected styles for fine jewelry.

Fulfill your special occasion with Viewzen.